Expat Valencia

Walking tour of Valencia

So have you just arrived in Valencia either looking for work and settling or just as a tourist looking to gain your bearings?

Well check out our walking tour of valencia below, it should take around 2-3 hours.

You could start from either end but since most hotels are around Pz Ayuntamento, you will probably start there (you could also make a quick step towards the Bullring before you start)

Once you have appreciated the glory of the Plaza, walk its length to the north where it forks out and follow left to arrive to the charming Plaza del Mercado where you will find three amazing buildings – La Lonja, Mercado Central and Church of Santos Juanes. Walk around all three to appreciate their full beauty – they all show you a different side as you go around. While the market is just a market and the church will be closed, do go into La Lonja even if only for a few moments – you can’t leave without seeing the interior.

Then dive into Southern Carmen, via atmospheric Plaza Redonda (make sure you remember where you entered it! – it has three exits and since it is round it is the absolute Valencian Bermuda triangle) and elegant Sta Catalina tower to flourishing Pz de la Reina, where you will find the spectacular Cathedral. Go in (or go up – the bell tower) if you have time. The Cathedral is also worth seeing from all four sides.

Then follow behind it to the stunning Pz de la Virgin – Valencia’s Old Town postcard to appreciate the square, the Basilica and the Palace. It is a good place to have a coffee if you are tired.

Walk through a short stretch of charismatic Calle Caballeros to behind the Palace, a charming Plaza de Manises. From here the atmospheric ancient street of Serranos will take you to the grandiose Torres de Serranos. You can go in if you have time. You could also check out Museum of Corpus just by its side to appreciate the ancient Rocas.

While you are there there is a great view and a photo shot accross the river – the spectacular Museum of Fine Arts.

Make sure you have travel insurance for over 80 if you are heading out to Spain as your EHIC card might not be enough!