Expat Valencia

Summer weather in Valencia

valencia_beachSummertime in Valencia are hot, but not unbearable because of the cooling of the Med (we love the Med!). Throughout the summer months the average daily temperature is about 30 ºC, accompanied by mild humidity.

When the heat and humidity do become a nuisance do as the Valencians do and hop into the Mediterranean Sea which during summer has an agreeable average water temperature of above and over 20 ºC. June sees Valencia with an average daily temperature of 22 ºC, July 25 ºC and August is the hottest month averaging 26 ºC with an average maximum temperature of 30 ºC.

Valencia, like many Med cities, is cooled down by the local sea breeze with starts blowing at about midday and begins to calm by 4pm.ailing being postponed when it was thought that the strength of the wind would cause damage to the racing yachts.