Expat Valencia

Valencia – The awakening city

Valencia is no longer the poor relation when it comes to comparing it with its bigger rivals of Madrid and Barcelona.

Catalan and Valencian may be the same to some, but people in this neck of the Spanish woods take pride in a culture and city they feel hasn’t been given its due attention.

At one time, this city on the Mediterranean coast was the most important city in Spain and one of the most vital in Europe. But time passed. Madrid became the big star. Seville was always sexy. And Barcelona staged a coming-out party with the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Now, suddenly, due to a tragic accident and some aggressive tourism marketing, the world is beginning to find out that this city can deliver a solid punch with a mixture of stunning new architecture and an alluring, historic centre with an elaborate series of courtyards, caf├ęs, markets and countless churches.