Expat Valencia

Food in Valencia

Eating in Valencia is awesome! There is a great range of foods, you can eat the local paella or even English people are well catered for across the city with many Kebab shops or Kepab (in Spanish).

Valencia has a little bit of everything in terms of food and restaurants. There are some constants, though. I found that Valencia has a very Mediterranean cuisine, with lots of seafood, olives, olive oil, vegetables, and rice. Tapas (small rations of food) are, of course, famous in Spain, and Valencia is literally FULL of tapas bars and restaurants.

Valencia is famous for its paella, a rice dish made in a special pan, also called a paella. While there is paella in all of Spain, it is said that paella originated in the area of Valencia. Paella comes in all forms and ingredients, but traditional Valencian Paella contains chicken, rabbit, special beans and vegetables, and saffron. Another famous food here is aioli, a garlic mayonnaise.

Eating times in Spain are different than what you may be used to. Breakfast in the morning usually consists of only a coffee and croissant. Lunch, “La Comida” is usually eaten between 2-4 pm, and is the big meal of the day. Many stores and businesses close for the time of the comida, the famous Spanish “siesta.” Dinner, or “La Cena” is typically a lighter meal and eaten around 9-11 pm.