Expat Valencia

6 Reasons to Live in Sunny Valencia!

There are probably hundreds of reasons to live in the fine coastal city of Valencia but we have outlined six to get you started and interested!


1) Valencia Festivals

Whether its something as simple as a tomato fight, or the breathtaking works of art that are set ablaze during Las Fallas, Valencia is a province full of fun festivals that you cannot experience anywhere else. Living in Valencia is a great opportunity to take part in these unique, world-famous parties– making memories you’ll never forget.

2) Paella

Although you can find these delicacies anywhere in Spain, the truth is they are from Valencia! Orxata (or Horchata in Spanish), a delicious creamy drink made from the tuber called chufa (tiger nuts), originates from a little town called Alboraya just 3 kilometers north of Valencia city. While Paella originates from… well, the whole province tries to stake that claim! Regardless, the ability to have either of these specialties at your fingertips is a true advantage.

3) The People of Valencia

Valencia’s ever growing melting pot is a beautiful thing. Whether you find yourself in Valencia City, or in the cities to the north or south (i.e. Castellón, Alicante), it is commonplace to hear a group of people ping-ponging among two or three languages while conversing and sipping coffee. Listen carefully, and try to comprehend the local Valenciano language, which, even though you might understand both French and Spanish, you will likely struggle to follow.

4) Easy to Stay Active

Both the Castellón and Alicante provinces are loaded with great trails for hiking, trekking, climbing and biking. Though you need a car to arrive at most trailheads, the proximity to Valencia makes day trips quite easy. It is well worth renting a car for the weekend to explore these beautiful paths.

5) The City Centre

Valencia’s city center boasts some of the area’s top sights: the Turia “River” (they diverted the river in 1972 and made it into a park); Torres del Serrano, Plaza de la Virgin, the City of Arts and Sciences, Malvarosa Beach, etc. As the Mediterranean’s Cinderella city, Valencia offers a unique mix of old and new, traditional and modern, land and sea…

6) Transportation Hub

Trains, planes, automobiles…and boats! Valencia is easily accessible. Visit the Balearic Islands, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, or any other Mediterranean city like Rome or Athens using the high-speed train (AVE), buses, or the Valencia Manises Airport.