Expat Valencia

Medical Facilities for Expats in Valencia

If you are visiting Valencia then in terms of health, you must have two things. Firstly, an most important is travel insurance cover, this is a must!

Secondly, if you are from another European country you should have an Ehic card. This is basically a European Health Insurance Card, which should entitle you to the same level of care at a public hospital that a local would expect.

However it has been reported that some hospitals in Spain have even refused holidaymakers and expats treatment.

While this refusal is totally wrong and shouldn’t happen, it does add weight to the need to take out your own insurance. Getting travel insurance as an expat might not be easy, and you should always check the requirements. For instance, many products insist that you are living in the UK six months before you travel.

Spain has excellent healthcare and Valencia is no different to this. The hospitals in Valencia and it’s surrounds are some of the best in the country! Their are excellent public hospitals as well as state of the art private ones too.