Expat Valencia

Getting ready for the Fallas

Valencia loves colour, pageantry and show, in all its forms and the Fallas, the biggest fiesta of the year here – and one of the most important in the country – heralds the coming of Spring.

Valencians like to mark the changing of the seasons with a concentration of fireworks, “fire-cracker concerts” and bonfires that would pull at the heart-strings of any self-respecting arsonist.

If you do travel to Valencia for any festivals then ensure you have decent travel health coverage in case anything goes wrong!


Tonne after tonne of gunpowder is ignited in a seemingly endless display of pyrotechnics, both during the day and at night. While on the last day of the festivities, eight-metre-high statues of wood and papier-mâché, standing at almost every crossroads, are set ablaze, often scorching nearby buildings – and anyone foolish enough to stand too close.