Expat Valencia

Fiestas and Festival of Valencia

Las Fallas de San José

Las Fallas de San José is held in the week of 19 March when papier mâché figures (ninots) are placed in the streets and squares of Valencia to celebrate of the arrival of spring. On the last day all but one of the figures are burnt in public bonfires. Before the festival the public can see the figures on display at the Fallero Museum (Museo Fallero) in Plaza Monteolivete 3 and chose which one to save from burning. During the week there are parades, fireworks, dances and food events.

* Museo Fallero
At: Plaza Monteolivete 4, 46006 Valencia
Tel: 963 525 478 extension 4625
Open: Tuesday to Saturday 10:00-14:00 and 16:30-20:30, Sundays and festivals 10:00-15:00

La Semana Santa (Holy Week)

A week long religious festival which starts on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Day. There are costumed parades throughout the week with a musical parade through Valencia’s main streets on Easter Sunday.
El Corpus

El Corpus is held in June and dates back to 1355 when Bishop Hugo de Fenolet issued a public invitation to celebrate. Celebrations start with a Mass, followed by a horse ride (cabalcada del convit) and by the dwarves’ and giants’ dance (Els Nanos i Gegants) at midday. Other types of dances are also performed: Els Cavallets, Els Pastorets, La Magrana and the most original of all, la danza de la Moma y los Momos, which symbolises the conflict between virtue (Moma) and the seven deadly sins (Momos). This is followed by several re-enactments from the Old and New Testament and a parade to the Plaza de la Virgen.