Expat Valencia

Events for summer 2017 in Valencia

Summer in Valencia is a long and hot affair! Luckily the heat never gets too unbearable so you can enjoy the many summer events outside in our glorious city!

July Fair (‘Feria de Julio’) – throughout July

The first July Fair was held in 1871 on 21 July. Since then it has grown each year, so that it now lasts for a whole month. It began with pavilions, botanical exhibitions and the sale of local products.

One of the most famous events at the fair is the ‘battle of flowers’. This is when a battle takes place on the last Sunday of the festival with women throwing flowers from floats that pass through the streets of the city.

To find out more specific details about the full schedule for the different events (both free and ticketed) taking place during the month of July, keep an eye on the Official Valencia Turisme website as the date of the vent approaches.

National Valencia Day: 09 October

This is the day when the people of Valencia commemorate the day in 1238 when King James 1 officially entered Valencia and freed it from Moorish rule. On this day festivities take place throughout the city.

This day is also the Valencian equivalent to Valentines day. In this day men give women a ‘Mocadora’ – a bundle of marzipan sweets wrapped in a handkerchief.

Throughout the year in Valencia interesting festivities take place. Before you book your trip to Valencia, check out whether there might be anything particularly interesting going on during your trip.