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Valencia, Costa Blanca and Brexit

There has been a massive surge in applicants for Spanish passports from the British who live in the Valencia region.

New figures released by the Cervantes Institute show the huge surge in the number of Brits seeking citizenship in their adopted homeland in order to ensure they will retain their rights as citizens of a European Union nation.

During the first three months of 2016, a mere 28 Britons applied for Spanish nationality, a figure that had more than quadrupled to 111 in the same period of 2017.

Remember that travel insurance for Spain is very important, even with an EHIC card.

Since October 2015, those seeking Spanish citizenship must not only have lived in Spain for over ten years, but must pass a language test and a “general knowledge quiz” of which they must answer 15 out of 25 multiple choice questions correctly.

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According to official figures 308,821 Britons are registered as permanent residents in Spain with a further 110,373 owning property that they use as occasional residences, although the true number of those Brits living in Spain is thought to be much higher.

Although the threat of uncertainty once Brexit occurs is held responsible for the surge in those applying for Spanish nationality, many are put off by the fact that Spain will not allow dual nationality and asks its new citizens to renounce their British nationality.

But a petition by British journalists Giles Tremlett and William Chislett is calling for the Spanish government to legislate to change that. The petition has already garnered close to 20,000 signatures.

The official figures back up anecdotal evidence that more and more Brits are considering adopting Spanish nationality.

Language academies on the Costas have started up courses designed to coach British expats through the citizenship tests.