Being an Expat in Valencia

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, with a diverse and multicultural population. Originally the capital of an autonomous Valencian region, you will hear a dialect of Catalan (the language spoken in Northern Spain) spoken here. Although almost all Valencians speak Castillian (normal Spanish) it is a delight to hear Valencian, being as it […]


Valencia Beaches

What’s the Valencia region got a lot of and Iraq hasn’t? Beaches, and miles upon miles of them too! The city of Valencia has very good beaches for a city and indeed you don’t have to stray far for other excellent stretches of sand too!   La Malvarrosa Valencia Beach It is the urban beach […]


6 Reasons to Live in Sunny Valencia!

There are probably hundreds of reasons to live in the fine coastal city of Valencia but we have outlined six to get you started and interested! 1) Valencia Festivals Whether its something as simple as a tomato fight, or the breathtaking works of art that are set ablaze during Las Fallas, Valencia is a province […]

Our Top Bars in the City

Valencia really comes alive at night and whatever the night of the week is you can usually find somewhere exciting to hang out and have a beer, wine or cocktail! Radio City Claire Maelys Breñas says: My second favorite ex-aequo bar would be the Radio town within the centre with its eclectic music, the worldwide […]

Getting ready for the Fallas

Valencia loves colour, pageantry and show, in all its forms and the Fallas, the biggest fiesta of the year here – and one of the most important in the country – heralds the coming of Spring. Valencians like to mark the changing of the seasons with a concentration of fireworks, “fire-cracker concerts” and bonfires that […]

The beaches of Valencia City

Valencia has some awesome beaches for such a large city of its kind. The beaches are not only long but very wide too making ample space for the million or so residents who live nearby. The water is also clean by city beach standards. The Malvarrosa beach or “Playa de Levante” is easily reachable from […]